Friday, January 27, 2012

Follow me Friday (#4)

This is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee

Q: Which book genre do you avoid at all costs and why? 

A: I'm a girl with many likes. Its hard for me to actually hate anything. You see this in my reviews, and especially in my ratings. I just don't find myself hating a lot of things. So I'd have to say I really don't know what book genre I'd avoid at all costs. I've read pretty much every genre, given them a fair try, and liked the book I read in the genre. (Okay, maybe not all, because some authors tend to make up their own genre, but the ones everyone is farmiliar with).

I know what your thinking, impossible for you to like every genre. Well its true! I love paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, romance, contemporary, mystery, science-fiction, thriller, action, tragedy, comedy, historical-fiction, educational, animal first-person, true story, memoirs, and combos of different genres. I've even read a western type book and enjoyed it. So you see, I can't really say I avoid any one genre. I've found a book in each of these genres I thoroughly enjoyed. Does that mean I like every book in these genres? Hell no!

So, yeah. There's my answer ^.^

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  1. New follower here! I like that you give everything a try! Here is my FF if you'd like to follow back: - while you're there check out my giveaway for a copy of New Girl by Paige Harbison!

  2. Hi!
    I am a new follower and participant of Feature & Follo Friday!

    Have a great day!

  3. New Follower!
    I agree that I like most genres, but I am just not a fan of non-fiction.

  4. I don't like reading classics. Just to hard to get into them. I follow via Networked Blogs. My FF post.

  5. Great answer! I have my dislikes, but I try to give them a chance. Hope you have a happy friday :)

    Here's my FF!

  6. Hi, just stopping by from the FF, old follower. I don't like to read horror books, I'm just not into getting scared all that much. (: Have a great weekend!!

    My FF: Book Nerds are Pretty Too

  7. Great answer. I think you're one of the few who actually likes everything! lol.

    Thanks for stopping by, and am now following your blog too.

    Livin' Life Through Books

  8. It's nice you enjoy all these genres, you can read more books!

    I'm a new follower

  9. I'm really picky about what I read, it's great to see someone who's unbiased! I wish I could be, I just can't get interested in a lot of it. New follower :)
    My Friday hops

  10. That's a great answer! The most positive one I've read all day.
    New follower.

    Here's our #FF post

    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  11. I love your answer! I am trying to broaden my reading genres to include more. Thanks for stopping by my FF. Following back! Happy reading.

  12. I definitely know what you mean--I have genres I like more than others but I have a hard time thinking I could not find anything I liked in a genre.


  13. That's great! I can't really say that I go out of my way to avoid a particular set of books either!

    Great post, old follower:D


  14. Anonymous27.1.12

    I feel the same way as you. I don't have a genre that I hate, or even dislike.

    Thanks for stopping by. Following you back! =)

    Megan @ Between the Lines

  15. WOW! That is crazy that we have the same blog... AND that your name is Angela!!! HOLY SMOKES!!

    Following you back!


  16. Well, good for you. I think that's great that you can like pretty much every genre. New follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Jennifer @ Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

  17. I have to agree with that, there isn't anything that I perticulary stay away from. Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog btw =)

  18. Anonymous27.1.12

    That's such a good thing not to be so picky! You're lucky because you can really pickup and try it without resenting the genre. My FF!!

  19. Hi! I'm a new follower!!! I can't wait to read more on your blog!!!! :)

    Haha I like your diplomatic answer. ;)
    But no, I too try to be open when reading different genres...I just haven't read many categories, and I definitely like some more than others :)

  20. Hi..Its good that you love all the genres. But, I can't read self-help and poetry at all costs. I will sleep, if I started reading those. :)

    A new follower!

    Vidya @

  21. Wow! I salute you for being able to read all those genres! :D
    MY FF

  22. I think it's great to read widely. It's something I'm attempting to do this year.

    Now following :)

  23. You're like my friend who has read books across the board but yeah, I can still see her leanings on thrillers but to read a representative for each genre is something I like to explore well, except the one I mentioned back in my post. :D Followed back.

  24. Hello, thanks for the follow. It's great that you like so many genres - my own taste is quite narrow I'm afraid. I love the title of your blog by the way. How did you come up with it?

  25. It's rare to find people that like almost everything! Thanks for stopping by!

    Preet @ AWR

  26. I think that is definitely the best way to think of it! Even if we have read a bad book in a certain genre, we can't judge every single book of that genre by the same scale. I've read books in a number of genres, but I avoid ones because I expect not to like them. Of course I will try them, since I shouldn't be prejudiced.

    Scaring yourself silly?! No, no, no. Life can be bad enough without freaking myself out of an evening.

  27. Hi, I followed you. Could you please follow back? I have just started blogging, I will be blogging about books, music, and other stuff. I have no followers so far (created today) and it would hep if you could follow back. Much love.


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