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Cover Reveal: Titan Magic- Body and Soul

Titan Magic: Body and Soul by Jodi Lamm

"Don’t fool yourself. Fool everyone else, but never fool yourself."

When a young golem called Kaspar befriends a beautiful baker and her daughter, he wishes, for the first time in his life, to be more than just a counterfeit, wooden child. But such a simple wish comes at a high price, and Kaspar won't be the only one to pay. With the few who can stop him distracted by their own dreams, Kaspar is free to set in motion a naive and gruesome plan. He hasn't gone entirely unnoticed, though. He's a powerful weapon left alone and ungoverned, and he's already caught the eye of someone with an even more costly wish. 

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Abigail Larson

Hey guys! Long time no see, I know, but I'm supper excited to be sharing with you guys a cover reveal for Jodi Lamm's sequel, Titan Magic: Body and Soul. The first book, Titan Magic, is one of my all time favourite books, so full of adventure. I am eager to read Body and Soul to see where this story take us next! Don't forget to add it to your goodreads shelfs!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
April Genevieve Tucholke 
Hardcover/360 pages
Dial Publishing

The first time I ever read the synopsis for this book I knew I had to read it. The entire blurb intrigued me and I mean, falling in love with the devil? Now that was something that belonged on my bookshelf.

I really wish I would have saved this book for Halloween. It's got it all going for it. Gothic, creepy setting, a mysterious boy who is so devilish and charming, yet scary and unsettling. You've got little kids crowding cemeteries all night and people hanging witches. Seriously, if you're looking for a Halloween read this is the one for you. 

Firstly the main character was entirely likeable. You start off feeling sorry for her and that ends up being the first connection you share with Violet. Her parents have been gone for a while, off making and selling their paintings, so it's her brother and herself. Money is running out so she goes and rents their guest house. At this point you really get into it and you know the devil is going to show up soon... so the story continues to get better.

River shows up in all his "swagger" goodness. He's probably most YA heart throbs. Mysterious, good looking, sarcastic, charming, seductive... yup, it's all too easy getting tangled up in his charm. But you know what, he helped make this book. The way he acted and held himself made you want to read the book. It made you read chapter after chapter. Yup, guilty as charged I feel for his charm. And then you kind of dislike him, and then you feel bad for him. He's so troubled and I think if Johnny Deep were a lot younger he'd play River perfectly!

That all being said, yeah the characters are great, but the writing was fluent and easy to read. One thing lead to another so smoothly and seamlessly. I loved reading the dialogue, it was just so funny. All the characters had some sense of humour and it made a gothic read more light hearted.

Also I have to note this because in other books it bugs me all the FREAKING TIME: I hate when authors info dump! Like they take a paragraph to explain something so boring. Ugh, I'm a dialogue girl... But the way April slowly introduced Violets history, and the way she incorporated mystery into it was so well done, I LOVED the info dumping!

If you've been debating on reading this I say go for it. If it sounds like something you'd like you're probably really going to enjoy it. And c'mon. That cover is too pretty to not have on your shelf!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: Abandon

                                                                  Title: Abandon
                                                                  Author: Meg Cabot
                                                                  Pages: 304
                                                                  Publication Date: April 26th 2011
                                                                  Publisher: Point

The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot is my all time favorite series. Ever! If I meet someone who likes books I automatically tell them all about the awesomeness that is Jesse... Err I of course mean The Mediator. When I heard about Abandon I was instantly intrigued but for some reason I never picked it up. And then a week ago I saw it in the book store and I knew then and there it was coming home with me. I figured it was about time I recommend other books besides The Mediator by Meg Cabot to everyone.

I'm sad to say I can't really recommend this because I was so disappointed.

Usually I recommend a book regardless of my rating because I truly believe you need to read something to develop your own opinion about it. But in this case I can't because I was just so disappointed. And it has nothing to do with the fact that maybe I hyped it up to much, because I really didn't.

It was the layout of the story and the main character, Pierce.

The layout is odd and I don't think I've ever read a book like this before. It's present tense but also past tense. Like Pierce will be eating dinner with her mom and then start on about a past event. She would go on and on in detail about this past event. The whole book was like this and it was annoying. Also, past events being described we're usually about her family and frankly I could care less about them. So her uncle was obsessed with the weather channel? Who cares! So her dad sells or has something to do with oil? Who cares! So her mom is crazy about some exotic bird? Who cares! I was looking for a story about God of the Underworld and instead I got a story about a girl who is so, so, so I don't even know. She just bothered me. The way she thought and talked bothered me. The way she treated John like a jerk. It all just bothered me!

Not to mention the fact that this was hardly a story about Hades. John was hardly in this! And they didn't even kiss until the very end! (Sorry to disappoint). I feel like it was mostly about Pierce and her struggles and finding her self. If I wanted a story about a character finding herself I would have picked up a Judy Bloom book -.-

Ugh, this book frustrated me and if it weren't for the ending when they finally reveal their feelings for each other this would probably be a two star rating.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

July Wrap Up

Hey all, just thought I'd pop on and give you guys a July wrap up. I'm not sure if this is a meme that goes around, I do know it is something that goes around the BookTube community. Regardless, I thought it would be fun for you readers and fun for myself to be able to look back at what I read said month.

Along with the list of books I'll attach a quick summary of my review. This way you guys don't have to go through the entire review to see what I have to say about said book.

So without further ado here are the books I read in July!

Half Blood by Jennifer L.Armentrout

I really enjoyed this book like I do of all Armentrout's books but I feel like this one was very similar to Vampire Academy. Either way, it had a hot guy in it that is so totally drool-worthy. Not going to complain there! Definitely lives up to its hype.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

A great classic! If you haven't read it it's a must! Goes great paired with the movie.


Black City by Elizabeth Richards

I loved the take Elizabeth took on her dystopian story by creating a world divided by humans and creatures! so intriguing and page-turning.

Of Triton by Anna Banks

The first book was fantastic but this was even better! It started right where the first left off and never let me down! So captivating! The characters wowed me!

Abandon by Meg Cabot

Sadly I was disappointed by this book. It did not live up to my expectations. I will be picking up the second, but I do not have high hopes for that one either :(

That's it for me folks! I read some really amazing books this month. What did you read in the month of July?

Review: Of Triton

                                                   Title: Of Triton (Of Poseidon #2)
                                                   Author: Anna Banks
                                                   Pages: 246
                                                   Publication Date: May 28th 2013
                                                   Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
First off I love everything about this series. Secondly, can I have a Galen all to myself? Pretty please?

After reading Of Poseidon I knew I had to pick up Of Triton as soon as possible. I'm so happy I did because this book was perfect. The characters were perfect. The layout was perfect. The writing was perfect. Galen was perfect. The story was perfect. The ending was perfect (although sad). And of course Galen was perfect!

I originally fell so in love with Of Poseidon because of the authors take on mermaids. I love mermaids (hello, aquamarine anyone?). Also, the characters are just so likeable. Emma was so strong and independent in the first one and continues to be that strong character in this one. She isn't one of those bad asses who are annoying. I hate bad asses or people full of themselves. Emma is most definitely not annoying. Her character is so likeable and she actually makes smart decisions. And Galen is like the perfect boy YA character ever! He's sweet, caring, hot, and a freaking mermaid! Well Syrena, but whatever. His love for Emma grows even more in Of Triton! Not only that but the love he has for his family is also very touching. Gosh, I love everything about his character. His sister Rayna is also quite the character. She's funny in a weird way and I like how she handles situations by blurting out her mind. Good for her.

Although this story wouldn't have been so great if it weren't for the characters, we have to give credit where it's due. I love how Anna Banks wrote the book. It's so refreshing switching from Emma's point of view and then a Narrative point of view that usually focused on Galen and/or the Syrena. I loved both POV's and looked forward to each one. It really let you relate to Emma while also letting you get to know the Syrena way of life. This worked out perfectly for this book.

I honestly can't say anything bad about this book because for me there isn't! This was fantastic and if you loved the first one you'll love this one!

I will say you will be SHOCKED by a part in the ending! Really? Almost cried! But the very ending makes up for this part, so all is good :)

Can't wait for Of Neptune, the third and final installment. I wonder what it's going to be about considering this one left off pretty good. I would have been satisfied but hey, I'm not complaining. This just means more Galen ;)

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: Obsidian

Obsidian (Lux, #1)
Title: Obsidian
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Pages: 361
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: May 8th 2012
Publisher: Entangled Teen

I'm not sure why, but I just haven't been blogging lately *cough* Since February *cough* I guess like always it was life and such. I'm a jack of all trades, so I'll have periods of doing one thing and then it'll be like I crash and I move on... but come back later. This is exactly what I'm doing here. So bare with my unexpected disappearances. I truly don't mean to, but I post when I can. There are other things in life that are more important than blogging.

On to the review...

I have always heard nothing but great things about this book/series. When it was first circling around it was only in ebook format and my refusal to buy an ereader and paperless books turned me away from this story. And then one day my husband took me to the bookstore and I found THIS pretty sitting on the shelves. I almost, almost, jumped up in glee. I could FINALLY read this. Finally.

I am so happy I bought the rest of the series that day, too. Here's why...

Jennifer L. Armentrout has a gift. So can right a damn good novel that keeps you fully engaged within the story and characters. Particularly on the characters. She writes a damn good bad boy, that's for sure. I never understood why EVERYONE was all over Daemon. Like c'mon? The guys a total jerk. But then I read this book and I was like, DAMN he's a total jerk *licks lips* There is just something about Daemon that's so seductive and mysterious that you really can't help fall head over heals. I'd gladly take Kat's place any day (expect in the third book... gosh, that ending!)

So not only are the character utterly incredible, but the story line about the whole alien thing is really intriguing. And I mean, a bad-boy hottie who is also an alien? Tell me that doesn't sound awesome? There are so many twists and turns and you'll find yourself flipping page after page. I know I did!

And the humor. Gosh, don't even get me started. The relationship between Kat and Daemon is so darn funny those to truly make the story. Without then it'd be a boring alien story.

If you're the few that haven't read this yet, what are you waiting for!? Go pick this up. It'll grab you and won't let go until the third book (where it'll tear your heart out).

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: Another Pan

Another PanTitle: Another Pan
Author: Daniel and Dina Nayeri
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Publication date: October 25th 2011
Pages: 400
Format: Hardback

When I first saw the cover in book stores I knew I just had to have it! A Peter Pan story? Gimme Gimme!

I am so glad I picked this book up a few years ago (yes, that is how long its has been sitting on my bookshelves.)

There are a few things that I want to clarify first before I go any further into this review. A) You aren't going to get a step by step Peter Pan retelling B) You are going to get similarities but that is about it C) The similarities being character names, the Lost Boys, and Peter Pan never growing up.

That all said, if you're hoping for a Peter Pan retelling that is similar to the original story, you are not going to get Captain Hook, mermaids, or flying. But hey, you are still getting a Peter Pan :)

Overall, this book was pretty good, despite not being as close to the original I was hoping for. I really did like how the authors incorporated the original, by taking character names and ideas, and twisting and turning and adding a little bit of pixie dust to it to make there own version.

The story about bone dust and Egyptians was quite intriguing, so I really enjoyed these aspects. Egyptians in history class was always my favorite subject so when I read about the Egyptian stories in this book, I was even more intrigued.  If you find Egyptian history a bore, you will probably not enjoy this one as much. It is jammed pack with Egyptian-awesomeness.

The plot was interesting and fast paced. I was turning page from page eager to find out what happens next.

Like I said before, I really enjoyed this book, BUT, I really didn't enjoy the ending. I'm not going to spoil the ending or anything, but I will point out that the authors end the book with Peter Pan being an a-hole. Yes, a big one. I couldn't believe this! I even read back over a few pages to make sure I wasn't just imagining this. Who in their right mind would EVER end a book with Peter Pan being an a-hole? Seriously? Peter Pan is my all time favorite story, so when they did that I was pissed!

Still a five star rating though, just because I love the plot and characters so much :)

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Shades of Earth

Shades of Earth (Across the Universe, #3)Title: Shades of Earth
Author: Beth Revis
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: January 15th 2013
Pages: 369
Format: Print/Hardback

Frex, that was amazing!

Across the Universe had me from the very beginning, turning page by page until the mystery was solved. A Million Suns had me wanting more by its end. Shades of Earth had my heart racing until the end, gosh, that end, had me so complete I couldn't help but think of Elder and Amy well after closing the book.

Have you ever read a book series that was truly incredible, but when you got to the end, the last book was such a disappointment you didn't  feel complete? Like there should have been more answers? No? Then how about a stand alone book? Yes? Same! Shades of Earth was not one of them, rest assured.

To be honest, I was a little eerie at first picking this one up. Truthfully I didn't want to a) feel disappointed b) miss the characters I've grown to love and c) get off Godspeed. A Million Suns is the type of series that really had me picturing myself on the ship, seeing everything happen first hand, thanks to Beth's awesome writing skills. That said, like many of Godspeeds inhabitants, I too did not want to leave Godspeed. Seriously, I wanted everyone to stay on the ship. Hahaha, silly, I know. But what goes up must come down, right?

I am SO glad I took that leap of faith and decided to leave Godspeed (so to speak).

Just like the first two books in the series, Shades of Earth was fast paced, but also had A LOT more action. So much was going on my eyes started to heart from the continuous back and fourth movement that usually entails when you're reading full out action-awesomeness. Gosh, this book, I can't even. Just amazing, truly amazing.

Okay, so the book was action-packed and fast paced, the characters were even better.The love between Amy and Elder is tested when both have to make big decisions that could mean life, death, or the cost of one's family. I couldn't believe how mature they've grown to become. First Elder was making life threatening decisions just because Amy was beautiful, to risking his own life trying to save those left behind on Godspeed. A true leader thinks of his people as a whole, and not just himself. This made me love Elder even more! And Amy, such courage to go against her family as well as standing up for Elder's people when her people are being jerks. The characters are so much more lovable in this book, so expect that :)

If you haven't picked Shades of Earth up yet, what are you waiting for? You will NOT be disappointed!

Word to Beth: Rewriting the draft for Shades of Earth, what was it? Three times? Truly paid off! Seriously!


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all the way to the stars and back.

Follow me Friday (#15)

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow

Good morning little piggies! I hope you've all been having a fine week thus far. I've had an amazing week! Anyways, it's Friday, time for another Follow me Friday. Hosted by AlisonCanRead and Parajunkee so be sure to follow along!

Q: We always talk about books that WE want. Let's turn it on its head. What books have you given other people lately?

A: Lately? Hmm, I've given my mother- in-law an extra copy of City of Bones and The Iron King. For Christmas my mom got me the Mortal Instruments in Hardback so I had a paperback spare to lend away. Also, my husband got me the complete boxed set of The Iron Fey series (came with a signed poster!) so I had a spare copy of The Iron King. So far she's been LOVING The Iron King, so I'm going to have to start that one soon. (Haven't read City of Bones or The Iron King yet ... guilty as charged)

I have also been lending out my Fruits Basket series to my friend (about 4 at a time). She's been loving those as well :)

How 'bout you? Let me know in the comments section. Don't forget to include the link to your blog so I can follow back!

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Waiting on Wednesday (WOW #8)

Happy hump day everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Breaking the Spine  so be sure to follow a long if you'd like!

There are quite a few books coming out this year I'm dying to get my hands on. To name just one though, I'd have to go with If I should Die by Amy Plum. This series is seriously amaze-balls! I'm really loving it so far and can't wait to read the last installment in this series. The whole idea of revenants is so intriguing and awesome, I wish I would have come up with the idea on my own, hahaha. 
If I Should Die (Revenants, #3)
I will not lose another person I love. I will not let history repeat itself.
Vincent waited lifetimes to find me, but in an instant our future together was shattered. He was betrayed by someone we both called a friend, and I lost him. Now our enemy is determined to rule over France’s immortals, and willing to wage a war to get what they want.
It shouldn’t be possible, none of it should be, but this is my reality. I know Vincent is somewhere out there, I know he’s not completely gone, and I will do anything to save him.
After what we’ve already fought to achieve, a life without Vincent is unimaginable. He once swore to avoid dying—to go against his nature and forsake sacrificing himself for others—so that we could be together. How can I not risk everything to bring my love back to me?

Release date: May 7th 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Full Moon Kisses

Full Moon Kisses
Title: Full Moon Kisses
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Date: December 26th 2012
Pages: 215
Format: Print/ Hard Covered

The minute I heard Ellen Schreiber was writing a new series featuring werewolves, the minute Full Moon was released I picked it up from the store right away. When that turned out to be enjoyable, I waited an entire year for it's sequel, Magic of the Moonlight. When that turned out to be just as good as the first, I of course picked up Full Moon Kisses the minute it was released.

Full Moon Kisses starts off where we last let off. Instead of one werewolf there are two, both deeply in love with Celeste. Until, Brandon's father develops a cure. Now, Brandon must decide to give up nights under the full moon, giving Nash the cure, or  stay a werewolf forever. Dun, dun, DUNNNNN!

Although Ellen Schreiber isn't the greatest writer out there, I mean, she's good, but there are other writers out there that have mind blowing writing, I really enjoy the stories she tells.

Full moon Kisses was a great ending to a trilogy. I'm glad we got to tie up some lose ends, and have an ending I was truly hoping for. If you enjoyed the first two I truly think you'll enjoy the last book. Fans of werewolves will like this series. Being a werewolf fan myself, I found this series enjoyable.

That being said, the ending was and wasn't what I was hoping for. You're introduced to a new character who at first seems hot, and okay, he is a total hottie, but the way his individual story ends isn't what I particularly liked or cared for. This character could have had a much better ending to his story, but instead I feel like Ellen kind of rushed it. I wish I could tell you how exactly she rushed it, but that would be spoiling the story, which is not in my policy.

Like the Vampire Kisses Series, although not as good, Once in a full moon series is a cute mini series.

Check it out if you're into werewolves, mini books/series, and overall fun. Ellen's books are something you don't take seriously like you would those popular books like Divergent and Legend or Across the Universe. Those books you really get into, but these books aren't. Just relax and have a little fun.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle, #1)

Title: The Raven Boys
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: September 18th 2012
Pages: 409
Format: Print/Hard Covered

In all honesty, I really don't know how I feel about this book. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, because if I didn't I wouldn't rate it 4 stars. That said, I feel like not enough happened in the book to make it interesting. Let me explain:

The Raven Boys was interesting in the fact that I liked the characters. Blue Sargent was a strong character who didn't let people walk all over her. I really likes this about her. The Raven Boys (not the title but the actual characters) were interesting too, in there own little ways. Gansey was funny and I liked how he talked. Really, I liked how he talked. Adam, becomes that tortured soul-type and I couldn't help but feel for him due to his predicament with his father. He was the most understanding of the group. And then there is Ronan. Not much to really say about him. For me, Ronan feels like the type of character that is just there. He has a story, but never gets to really tell it.

You see, there are a few different stories within this story. Each character has a story, a struggle they are all overcoming (or trying to). But you see, for me as the reader, I couldn't help but feel like each character's story took away from the bigger story. The author went too much into depth with each character. Although this isn't entirely bad, for me, it made for a not-so-interesting story. I was hoping for a thrilling adventure. Characters doing this and that in trying to discover this whole king business and what not.

However, I truly did enjoy the story. I know, this really makes no sense. It wasn't that interesting, but I enjoyed it? It was addictive! I don't know why but I always wanted to read it when I wasn't. For some reason Maggie pulled me in.

That said, I do recommend you try this story out. I LOVED Maggie's Wolves of Mercy Falls Series. LOVED IT! I really like her writing, so maybe that's why I was so addicted to it.

I'll be reading the sequel for sure. I need to find out where all those stories end.

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Follow me Friday (#14)

Gain New Blog Followers

Feature and Follow Friday is a meme hosted and created by AlisonCanRead and Parajunkee'sView. Be sure to follow along and comment below so I can return the favor! 

Q: Write a letter to your favorite character. Rant, rave or gush…just pretend like they are real and you just want to let them know a "few things". - Activity courtesy of author, Kelly Walker

I'm currently reading Obsidian, and I have a few words for Daemon. Here it goes...

Dear Daemon,

Stop being such a jerk! 

You're the hottest book character ever and you spend most of my time being an ass. 

I really like you, so when you're done being such a wiener, come my way. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Scarlet

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)
Title: Scarlet
Author: Marissa Meyer
Publication Date: February 5th 2013
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Pages: 464
Format: Print/ Hard covered

I am so happy I had the chance to pick this one up early. Chapters got a shipment of 40 of these puppies one week earlier and were nice enough to sell me a copy early. Boo Yeah! So obviously I dove right in the minute I got home.

Scarlet starts where Cinder left off. Okay, not precisely, but close enough. The story first introduces Scarlet, who is a character I actually really enjoyed reading about. Then, we jump right back to Cinder being in jail... escaping.

Scarlet, I found, turned out to be a very likable character, so I enjoyed the story switching perspectives between Cinder and Scarlet... Oh yeah, and Prince Kai of course!

This book was so full of awesomeness! Wolf was dreamy as ever, and even though you'll probably hate him at some point, you'll totally fall for him. And Kai, deary Prince Kai, you'll still love him. He may be sending people out to capture Cinder, but we know, oh yeah, we know he totally still loves Cinder.

There are also new faces introduced into the story you'll enjoy reading about. Wolf is one of them, and I'm so excited to read the falling books so I get me some more Wolf.

Unlike Cinder, this book I found to be more action packed which was so fun and mind boogling. My mind was going every which way from the awesomeness that is Scarlet. This book had me laughing and screaming. Happy and mad. God, I loved this book.

You know what else I really liked about this book? We got some more answers, which is always nice. So much was revealed in this novel, from what Scarlet has to do with Cinder, and what exactly happened to Cinder all those years ago. It was all so exciting!! The ending of the book also sets us up for the next book, so hurry up 2014!

Overall fans of Cinder will surely enjoy Scarlet! You've got your kick ass heroins, your swoon worthy fellows, action packed fun, and a sequel you won't want to miss!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (WOW #7)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking the Spine. Be sure to check out their blog, follow a long, and comment down below so I can come check out your WOW! 

There are a few books I am SO excited for that will be released within a few months. One of these books are The Rising by Kelley Armstrong, which is the last installment in the Darkness Rising trilogy. Publication Date: April 9th 2013

The Rising (Darkness Rising, #3)
Things are getting desperate for Maya and her friends. Hunted by the powerful St. Cloud Cabal and now the Nast Cabal as well, they’re quickly running out of places to hide. And with the whole world thinking they died in a helicopter crash, it’s not like they can just go to the authorities for help.
All they have is the name and number of someone who might be able to give them a few answers. Answers to why they’re so valuable, and why their supernatural powers are getting more and more out of control. Maya is unprepared for the truths that await her, but she’ll have to face them if she ever hopes to move on with her life. Because Maya can’t keep running forever.
With all the twists, thrills, and romance that have made Kelley Armstrong an international bestseller, plus the surprising return of some fan-favorite characters, The Rising will hold you under its spell long after the breathtaking end.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I am so excited for this book! And if the characters from the Darkest Power's trilogy make an appearance! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! That would be so freaking amazing!! 

Review: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Title: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
Author: Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Publication Date: October 11th 2011
Publisher: Ember
Pages: 260
Format: Paperback/Print

Although it is no longer "'tis the season", I still thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I do wish I had waited to read this book until Christmas, but all the great reviews I read about it screamed at me, thus, with my head held low, I shamefully (because I am quite embarrassed I have not read anything by David Levithan, which you should be, too, if you have not read any of his works because he is a brilliant man, my friend. It's like if you haven't read anything by John Green, you're clearly living in a cave then) sat on my couch and began to read the story of Dash and Lily and their crazy holiday adventure.

The synopsis is as it sounds. "Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares." This is exactly what happens! You'll seriously laugh your bum bum off when Dash starts completing the clues and hints in Lily's book. Seriously, total rib breaker! *A-hum* *Cough* *A-hum* "The Joys of Gay Sex" .... nough said. 

Dash's character reminds me of Augustus Waters from John Green's book The Fault in Our Stars. And it's not because they act in the same way, or do the same things, although they do both enjoy books, it is in the way they speak and carry themselves that I see the resemblance. David and John's writing have similar tones, very mature in the sense, well, they use a lot of big words that make me have a dictionary by my side at all times when reading their work. This isn't a bad thing, and is actually one of the reason's why I've fallen for David's writing. I love the maturity of David and John's writing, but enough about John, he's had his spotlight already.

Lily's character is great as well. Really did enjoy her. I thought I wasn't going to like her at one point, in all honesty. She does something I don't particularly agree with or think cool, and so I thought for sure at that point I was going to hate her. But I didn't, and am glad. She cleaned up that mess quite nicely.

This was such a fun read! Perfect for Christmas time when the snow is falling down, a blanket of white covering the earth. Ah, don't you just love that kind of weather? The type you sit by the window, with a book in your hands, looking out every so often to take in the breath taking shimmer of white, fresh snow. God I love winter (though fall is my favorite season). 

Each chapter is told by either Dash or Lily. This is the third time I've read a book where we have POV's with both female and male characters and I really enjoy this format in books. You get to see the world in not only the girls perspective, but also the boy's, and when their both thinking of the same thing, you've got two things to think about and really ponder. I like books that make me have to ponder :)

If you've been thinking about reading this book, well, I'm going to tell you right now you should. Do not wait until Christmas. There is no sticker on the cover that says "Do not open until Christmas," so do not think you have to wait until Christmas to read this book. Read it, like NOW! It is SO good! You're going to have a blast with Dash and Lily, and their book of Dares. 

So read this book.

I dare you.


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review: Immortal Hearts

Immortal Hearts (Vampire Kisses, #9)
Title: Immortal Hearts (Vampire Kisses #9)
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Publication Date: May 15th 2012
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 260
Format: Hardcover/Print

Is it really over? Is my beloved Vampire Kisses series really, truly, over? Alas, it is. Farewell my good friends Raven, Becky, Alexander, and even you Trevor, even you.

This is the longest series I have ever been with. How long you ask? Over six years! Yup, over six years. I discovered this series back when I was obsessed with vampire stories after having read the Twilight series (er, part of it anyways, not all the books were out yet). I am SO happy I decided to pick up that pocket sized, little witty eitty book all those years ago.

As you can see by the publication date, this book has been out for quite some time. I've been putting off reading it because I refused to say goodbye to the characters I have come to call friends (hey, it's been over six years). This last installment was not a disappointment and I'm so happy I FINALLY convinced myself to read it and face reality: things have to eventually end, even if certain people in said book get to live forever *humph*

I really be brutally honest and say I was kind of peeved that for the majority of the story Raven was out fixing everyone's problems, sans her own. I know this is the kind of character Raven is, and have always been, but it was still a pet peeve of mine (despite really loving her character). I was hoping Ellen would focus more on Raven and Alexander in the last installment instead of everyone else. Annoying, but I still enjoyed the book.

If you're expecting a certain ending, and have enjoyed this series through and through, I will come out and say, you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the ending. It's one we've all been waiting for, obviously!

That all said, if you haven't yet picked up this series, please do. Don't let the vampires keep you away from reading the books. I know vampire's have run their course, and I know Twilight semi-ruined it for a lot of people, but PLEASE, with a cherry on top, give this a try. These vampires don't sparkle, they turn into bats, are allergic to garlic, can't see themselves in mirror, sleep in coffins, drink human blood out of fancy goblets, and can't go out in daylight. Totally awesome vampires!!!!

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