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BIG Betrayed GIVEAWAY!!! (Win a Kindle Fire and other Betrayed goodies!)

Hey guys, so yesterday I posted my first blog tour post, but unfortunately the giveaway link wasn't working, so if you were trying to enter the giveaway, sorry! Not to worry though because instead I'm just going to link to the post of the host of the tour so that you can enter. 

Here's what's up for grabs:
*5 ARCS of Betrayed
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*Kindle Fire

Opened Internationally!

To enter the giveaway click HERE to be redirected to Forbidden Passion Reviews where you can enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter. The link is directed right to the post for the giveaway so all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form and cross your fingers that you'll win!

The post also includes a list of all the bloggers participating in the tour in case you're interested in visiting other bloggers :)

Good luck everyone!

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Blog Tour Stop: Betrayed by Ednah Walters + Giveaway + Behind the scenes!

Hey guys! I have an exciting post for you guys today! Today is the first time I'll be participating in a book blog tour! Today's tour is for Betrayed by Ednah Walters.

Betrayed (The Guardian Legacy, Book 1)

Here is a synopsis of the book:
 Lil isn't just an average teenager. She's one of the Nephilim--the descendants of humans and angels--which gives her some serious psi skills and a mission for redemption. Just when Lil thinks she's found a balance between her normal life with human friends and her training to become a Guardian, she's warned that someone close to her will betray her. When the boy she loves starts acting strangely and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability, Lil begins to realize that someone is manipulating the people she loves... and won't stop until she's been lured to the dark side.

My thoughts: (This is a shorter version of my full review that will be posted on a later date)
Betrayed by Ednah Walters was not a disappointment. I thoroughly enjoyed  the world Ednah has created with Nephilim and angels. Supernatural type books are always fun to read, and Betrayed was no exception. I can't help myself but become so giddy when I open up another angel-type book. That is exactly how I felt when starting Betrayed. Lil, the main character is such a likable character and I loved reading the book in her perspective. The suspense and thrills were outstandingly written and I can't wait to get my hands on the prequel Awakened. All in all I recommend you to pick up the first in the series and start the story of Lil. If you love supernatural type books, and are looking for supernatural type books to read during the summer, this is your series! 

Author Bio (from Goodreads): 
I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy boys mysteries and fell in love with books

I enjoy good love stories, tingly mysteries and epic adventures. When I finished my college and decided to be a stay-at-home mother, I devoured books like they were going out of production, until reading just wasn't enough. So I started to write. 

I've written picture books (unpublished), contemporary and romantic suspense (under the pen name E. B. Walters), and finally YA fantasy (as Ednah Walters). 

AWAKENED (2010) is the prequel to the YA series about the Nephilim, The Guardian Legacy series. BETRAYED(book # 1) is now available wherever books are sold, HUNTED(book # 2) will be released in February 2013 and FORGOTTEN(later in the year 2013).

My adult contemporary with or without suspense is about a west coast Irish-American family series. I've published four Fitzgerald books: SLOW BURN (April 5th 2011), MINE UNTIL DAWN (June 29th 2011), KISS ME CRAZY (Sept 25th 2011) and DANGEROUS LOVE (Jan 29th 2012)

When I'm not writing, I do things with my family, five children and my darling husband of 18 years. I live in a picturesque valley in northern Utah, the setting for my YA series.
 Ednah's Website

For your enjoyment, here is a deleted scene:
“I mean it,” I added, going toe-to-toe and nose-to-nose with Bran. 
“He thinks he can sneak behind my back and steal you away from me,” he snarled, glaring at Sykes.
I poked at his chest. “Don’t use that tone with me. I’m…not…a toy…to be stolen.”  
“I didn’t have to sneak, Llyr,” Sykes said with a sneer. “You are never around when she needs you. You keep secrets from her.” 
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bran yelled, jabbing a finger in Sykes’ direction. “I should just kick your ass right now.” 
Sykes spread his arms and telepathed, Bring it on.  
Boneheads. I glared at the lock and it slid into place. Without saying a word, I focused on Bran and Sykes, pushing them apart. Gasps filled the room when their backs slammed on opposite walls, heads almost touching the ceiling. I winced, for once hating the ability to feel Bran’s pain, but my hold on them didn’t ease.  
“Now listen to me because I swear, this is the only time I’m going to say this. I’m starting with you.” Bran’s eyes narrowed when I glared at him. “I’m not a toy Sykes can steal from you. I’m a person. I have a mind of my own, and feelings, and a right to choose. And I…chose…you.”
He grinned and shot Sykes’ a triumphant glance.  
“Though at the moment, I don’t know why.”  
Bran’s smile disappeared. 
Turning, I caught Sykes grin. “You have no reason to smile. I’m Bran’s girlfriend. You must accept that. No, don’t say a word,” I added when he opened his mouth. I released him, and he teleported to the floor. “Just leave and tell Izzy I’m ready. She can ping me when Valafar calls. Please,” I added when he hesitated. 
Sykes swaggered to the door without looking at Bran then turned and winked at me. Bran growled something under his breath. I had a feeling if I wasn’t holding him immobile against the wall, he would have decked Sykes.  
Bran cleared his throat and drew my attention. “Are you going to release me too?” he grumbled, still sounding pissed. 
“No. You distract me and I need to focus.” My voice was calm, which only infuriated him more. His eyes flashed. His wounds were already healing. The bruise on his chin was gone and a faint pink line was the only indicator he had a cut on his lip. The pain on his side and back were fading too because I couldn’t feel a thing. I sat on the bed and looked at my watch. Five-to-eight.  
 Plopping on my back, I closed my eyes and focused on the psi energies of my guests. Other than the Guardians’ larger, brighter orbs, there was nothing out of place with the humans’.
“I’m not going to apologize for threatening him,” Bran said, still not apologetic. “He was touching you. He’s lucky I didn’t rip his head off.” 
“First his arm, now his head. Why not just finish him off and every man you think is your competition,” I said with a sigh. 
“You let him touch you,” he added, sounding more hurt than annoyed now.
“I’ll be sure to punch him next time.”  
“There won’t be a next time,” Bran vowed.
Why were guys such boneheads.
To enter the giveaway visit my giveaway post where you'll then be redirected to enter the Rafflecopter form. You'll also be able to see what goodies are up for grabs (including a Kindle Fire!)

Click HERE to be redirected to the post so you can enter the giveaway!

Until Next Time!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: The Mediator Series

Hey guys!! Long time no see!!

The past few months have been extremely crazy for me. With the pregnancy, my house renovations, my reading slump, finishing up school with exams, and my recent obsession with crochet, I've been extremely busy. Do not fret, for today I have  a book review for you guys! I've noticed that I talk about The Mediator series by Meg Cabot, a lot, and so I thought I'd do a series review for you guys. This is my all time favorite series and I can't wait to tell you guys why.

Last thing: Now that it is summer I'll be getting A LOT of reading time in. What else is a pregnant girl to do in this heat? That said, I also have TWO blog tours I'll be participating in! I've never done a blog tour, and so I'm SUPPER excited to partake in them. Stay tuned for them!

Without further ado...

Shadowland (The Mediator, #1) Ninth Key (The Mediator, #2) Reunion (The Mediator, #3) Darkest Hour (The Mediator, #4) Haunted (The Mediator, #5)
Twilight (The Mediator, #6)

Title: Shadowland, Ninth Key, Reunion, Darkest Hour, Haunted, Twilight
Author: Meg Cabot
Pages: 250-400
Published: December 2004- December 2005
Publisher: Avon Books

The Mediator series by Meg Cabot has been my go-to book for over five years now. The first time I picked up the series was definitely not my last. I think it's safe to say that most of us fall in love with books but never really come back to them. So much to read, so little time. You might completely adore the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick or The Immortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, but you'll probably never come to read them again because there will always be all those other books you just have to read. The Mediator series an exception. I've reread this series to the extend that my book are actually falling apart. Here's why...

First book, Shadowland, starts off with our main character, Suze, moving to California to live with her mom and new step dad, along with his three boys. However, the day she moves into their beautiful new home, Suze wants nothing to do with California, or her bedroom... There's a ghost living in her room and no matter how much Suze threatens to kick his ass, he won't leave. Meet Jesse, the totally handsome and irresistible ghost that just wont leave Suze alone... But you also get to meet a previous student of Suze's new school that will do just about anything to get Suze out of the way. Suze is a mediator, someone who can see and communicate to the dead (and we can't forget about also kicking ghost ass). So when her hopes of starting her new life fresh, away from ghosts, are shattered, she knows what she's gotta do... well, kick ghost ass. The first book in this series is very catching and alluring. If you love a good ghost story with a hottie, then you will fall head over heels with the first book.

If you decide to then continue the series, Ninth Key, Reunion, Darkest Hour, and Haunted are fantastic series- continue- books that will keep you on your toes. There is always something new happening, more ghosts to send off to where ever they go, new love interests, as well as old (wink, wink) as well as a few shocking discoveries that left me at awe. The series never feels old are to much. Meg Cabot does a great job at continuing the series without overdoing it. Although she does continue some aspects of the books throughout the series, she introduces enough "new" stuff to keep you entertained.

So, if you then go this far into the series, then you have to complete the series with Twilight. What can I say, I'm a sucker for good-happy endings. For me to truly love a series or book it needs to have a satisfying ending. For books that are not the last in the series need to have some sort of hook that snatches me into their world. The entire series was just that and then the last was the perfect ending that left me satisfied. You know how you'll read a series and that last book will always have high expectations. You'll want thing or another to go your way, but when you get certain authors that rather do what the reader completely doesn't expects, well, that gets frustrating. Twilight is nothing like that! Meg Cabot actually takes the readers feelings and hopes into consideration and creates the best ending I've ever read. It's probably one of the reasons why I keep reading the series over and over again. So if you're looking/hoping for a series that will leave you happy, you can count on this series ending just the way you want.

All in all, this series is number one on my favorites list. I'm a big romantic-ghost-story kind of girl, so if you are too then this series is for you. Loved Anna Dressed in Blood? I think you'll love this. Loved Supernatural? I think you'll love this. It's got great, funny characters, a kick- ass heroin and a hot ghost boy. What more could you want this summer?

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Follow me Friday (#12)

TGIF everyone! I am SO happy it is finally Friday. I cannot wait for next week to get here. I've got an ultrasound to see baby and I'm just over the top excited about it! Aside from that excitement, I've got a Follow me Friday today, since I haven't done one in a few weeks I figured it was about time I did. As always, this is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee!

Q: You are a matchmaker -- your goal, hook up two characters from two of your favorite books. Who would it be? How do you think it would go?

A: Oh, this sounds like a fun one. I'd go with Suze from The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot and Cas from Anna Dressed in Blood. Why? Because they both fight ghosts and have ghost-love-interests. I think they'd be perfect for each other because they could totally do a Supernatural and kick ghost ass! And I think it'd go great. Cas nor Suze puts up with shit, but I think they'd put up with each other's shit if they had to. I don't know, I can just see these two being together. The thought of it makes me smile... see ---->    :)

Until next time....