Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: A Million Suns

Title: A Million Suns
Author: Beth Revis
Pages: 386
Format: Print/ Hard Covered
Published: January 10th 2012
Publisher: Razorbill
This was purchased by me

My first few thoughts while reading the beginning of this book, perhaps 100 pages in, was: BOOORING! I'm going to be completely honest with you guys. The beginning was dyingly slow. I had started reading this at school during the time my teacher let us have 'free' time to do as we please. I thought, "Great! Now I can finally start this book." Well as I turned page, after painful page, I found myself wondering off into a different world. Presumably my world. Yes I was listening in on conversations from peers around me. No! I'm not a curious Tom, but I just couldn't stay focused on this book. BUT WAIT! Please don't let this stop you from continuing it. It actually started to pick up. Later on I found myself unable to turn pages fast enough. I even skimmed a few chapters, just to see what was going to happen because I couldn't wait. Yes! I know. I'm such a spoiler, but it can't be helped... *looks away guiltily*

She's the sore thumb on the ship. Everyone "looks" the same, but her. Her bright red hair, and pale skin sets her apart from everyone on the ship. They curse at her, sneer at her, ignore her, flinch away from her. What does this sound like to you? When I read about where Amy is coming from, I couldn't help but think about The Black Revolution. No. She doesn't gain power and such. I think about how African Americans where treated those years ago. Except in this situation, Amy's white. I hope I don't sound racist, because I swear I'm not trying to be. I'm just stating what I thought while reading this. I couldn't help but make that connection. What happens on earth, happens in space. The people on Goodspeed think their nothing like Earth. Pa-lease. Rebillion? Leaders? Chaos? Bombing? Sounds like Earth to me, but in space.

Anyways, at first Amy seems like the strong, don't bother me, type girl. However, her shield breaks and she looks to Elder for comfort. Finally, I must say, it took her long enough to go to someone other than her FROZEN parents. I tell yeah, if I had a frexing hot Elder willing to lend a shoulder, I'd surely take it. She is smart though. This book is a murder-mystery set in space. Of course there were clues, murders, mysteries and surprises. I couldn't keep up with the trill of it all fast enough. I just wanted to figure the entire puzzle out before anyone, even Amy and Elder. But alas, I couldn't. I was happy when Amy figured everything out (er, well most anyways). As a reader I didn't give her much credit at first. I thought she'd just run or go to her frozen parents when ever she was in trouble, but she proves me wrong in this book. I really enjoyed reading in her perspective.

I don't think he gave himself enough credit. Seriously, dude? No body said it was easy controlling a population. People are going to rebel against you. That's what you get for taking everyone off Phydus. Just saying. Admittedly, I sometimes wished Elder would cave and just distribute Phydus to everyone. It sure as hell would have saved the ship a few deaths. Than again, we wouldn't have an amazing story to read, now would we? You'll agree with  some of his decisions and disagree with some. You'll sometimes feel apart of the ship, in so that the choices he makes kind of affects you as a reader. It did for me, anyways. He has some strong points, but also some breaking points. Overall, I think you'll enjoy reading his POV at times. I said at times :)

Can I just say thrilling (after the beginning)? When it got good and shit happened, I was completely sucked into the book, as if sucked right into space. Right into the... stars. The murder-mystery aspect of this book is dot on. It truly is a murder-mystery. I love you Beth for creating something like this, in space, no less! I think because it takes place in space it's that more intriguing, exhilarating, fun, thrilling, mysterious. I've never been to space, so I don't know what would go on if I lived on something like Goodspeed. What I do know is that even if the government payed me a gazillion dollars, I still wouldn't be put frozen. No way hose-say. So you'll laugh, cry, gasp, sigh, fume, swoon, and any other emotion you can think of, you'll do it. Although the beginning could have been a little better, overall I loved the story-line.

So overall: Definitely a book you should pick up, especially if you've read and loved Across the Universe. I know this is completely irrelevant to this review, but while reading Across the Universe, I was constantly hounded on by people inquiring about whether it was a book based on the movie. Urgh! Just shut up and let me read, would you?

My rating:
5 frexing stars!

Why, even after the slow beginning? Because sometimes its hard to capture your reader. I understand that. And because that ending just suckered me into loving this book. And wanting to read Shades of Earth. I know the new year has only begun, but can't Shades of Earth come out any faster? Really? I have to wait until NEXT January? FREX!



  1. Thanks for the warning about the slow beginning. I really enjoyed the first book and I'm sure I would have been disappointed if I knew that the book didn't pick up. Now I know to stick with it and it will become great.

  2. Lisa: Thanks for checking out my review! It really is a great book. The middle and ending make up for the slow beginning. Then again, you might enjoy the beginning more than I did. To each there own ^.^

  3. You have a very cute blog here!

  4. Some books start off slow and then they'll surprise you by picking up speed. Good that you stuck with the book. :D This one is in my TBR shelf somewhere lolz Goodreads I think. :D

  5. You're right, this book did take awhile to get into, but it was interesting once it picked up. I'm interested to see what you think of the second book! Great review


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