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Review: The Disenchantments

Title: The Disenchantments
Author: Nina LaCour
Pages: 307
Format: Print/ Paperback
Publisher: RazOrbill
Expected Publication: February 16th 2012
Won an ARC copy from Razorbill and Penguin Canada

Wow, tell me why I don't read contemporary more often? Talk about powerful. I think contemporary novels are the type that really keep you thinking about your life and the people surrounding your life. Although it is still a work of fiction, I think there is much truth behind the words of contemporary novels that just aren't behind words in paranormal or horror. I feel like contemporary speaks to you in a way other genre's just don't. There were so many messages, morals, ways to relate to these characters you just don't find in say, hush hush or Anna Dressed in Blood. This was quite an eye-opening read for me, so let me continue...

The story is told in the point of view of Colby. Colby is a guy, a very sweet, confused, funny guy. Four years ago Colby and his best friend, Bev, had planed to travel all across Europe. Except, once The Disenchantments start their tour, Bev confesses that she is actually going to college in the fall. Poor Colby is heartbroken and lost. Has no idea what to do with his life. Before I go any further I'll explain to you who The Disenhantments are. It is an all girl band made up of Bev, Meg, and Alexa. Colby is kind of the groupie I guess. He's their best friend and goes to everyone one of their gigs. Anyways, throughout the entire novel we see Colby overcome this sudden change of events. After all, for four years him and Bev planed on touring Europe. It doesn't help she kept this secrete from him until last minute.

Well, we learn throughout the novel how Colby overcomes all this. His love for Bev is still there, even when they get into little tiffs. It was quite a different and new experience to read Colby's story. I rather enjoyed it. Not only was it witty and fun, but the characters were great, especially Colby. Despite being a guy, I still felt connected to him. Maybe it was because I felt sorry for him, or maybe I could really relate, I just felt totally connected to the dude. I'm going to be right out honest with you guys and say I got a little emotional. Can't say a tear or two didn't fall while reading this. This really pulls at your heart-strings at points. I can't say it will do the same to you, but it did it for me. Why? Because it touched home for me, I guess. I'll be gradutating this year, I've got University in a big city awaiting me in September. Truthfully, I really don't know what to do with my life. I've got one side of me saying, teacher, but the other saying just be free for a year. Seriously, the devil and angel are wearing me out. This is kind of how Colby is thoughout the book. He's on a scale, one way leads to what he might want, the other leads to what he doesn't really want, but is a very possible future.

In the end he makes a decision that I think was best for him. I can't tell you what this decision is, you'll have to read the book to find out, but it was a good decision. You get to really know Colby's character, so I think his decision really reflected him, and not the girl. Just saying.

I want to sound convincing, and make you guys read this book when it is released, but I fear I'm not doing a very good job. If you enjoy contemporary, I think you'll really enjoy this. From start to finish, you'll be bobbing your head to the upbeat pace of this book. It was so hippish and 'rad.' Retro and adventureous. You'll meet some interesting charachters, laugh, maybe get angry at times. I think readers will really enjoy Colby's story.

So overall I say this book was completely rad. Truly something I'll be thinking about for the next couple of days.

My rating:
5 'rad' paint brushes (because Colby is a wonderful artist)


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  1. How interesting! I've never thought about contemporary novels (even though I am a big fan of these novels) that way, but you're right!

    After reading Giselle's review, I wasn't sure I should pick this up but you convinced me. :) I love contemporary novels so I might have to give this one a shot.

    Thanks for your honest review.
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