Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Anna Dressed in Blood

Title: Anna Dressed in Blood
Author: Kendra Blake
Pages: 316
Format: Print/ Hardcover
Published: August 30th 2011
Publisher: Tor Teen

Now this was a very SUPERNATURAL, creepy thriller I've been dying to read. Ever since reading The Book Rat's review on this, I've been forever intrigued by it. The cover: just beautiful. The synoposis: hypnotizing. Who wouldn't want to read this? Supernatural is my favorite show. I crave the gore and unknown, monsters and good guys. And who doesn't want to see some hotties totally kicking supernatural ass?

Cas, the main character in this book, was to me, a Dean Winchester. He was hot, funny, a total smart ass, mysterious, and HOT! Gah, I loved him. Instintaly I feel in love with his character. And his friends? The one girl character, Carmel, was a BIG surprise. She's popular, pretty, can have any guy she wants. She is nothing like those snob chicks you usually read about. Finally, an author who has stepped away from the usual stereotypes. Thank you Blake ^.^

Anna is Anna Dressed in Blood. The town, Thunder Bay, has called her that for years now. She dresses in blood... drip... drip... drip. She'll tair you into two if you dare step into her house. Just ask poor Mike. He wasn't even in the house... Anna dressed in blood is the perfect example of a scary ghost. The type that has me hiding under my covers late at night. The one who haunts my dreams. However, Anna, just Anna herself, is the perfect example of a sweet inncoent girl who just has some... relatives, who don't like her. Poor Anna.

The overall plot for this book was well thought out, creative, totally original, witty, and entertaining! Don't let the gore and horror of this keep you from buying it. It's really a great read. If only I had this during Halloween, then the whole vibe of this would have been complete.

Another amazing point about this book that has nothing to do with characters, plot, or writing, that I can't help but be happy about is that it takes place in ONTARIO, Canada! That is where I LIVE! Finally, a book that takes place in my home province. Very nice touch, I must say.

Before I conclude, here is one last thing about the writing. Beautiful. Funny. Entertaining. Everything a YA horror book should have. I have no complaints Kendra. None whats-so-ever.

If you've read this then you must be like me... ANTICIPATING the second installment, A girl of Nightmare.

My rating:
5 bloody Mary's

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  1. Hey awesome review and it's nice to meet a fellow person from Ontario! Can't wait to read this one I think you just gave me the added push to buy this one :) New Follower!

    -Kimberly @

  2. Yes! Go buy this! It was so good ^.^

    I love meeting feelow Ontarian's as well! It's nice <3

    I checked your blog out and followed.

  3. I have to check this one out. I love Supernatural and reading about someone like Dean just makes this all that much better for me! Great review, will need to add this to my TBR pile. I didn't know that this took place in Ontario, I love it that much more now :)



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