Review Policy

Attention publishers and authors: Unfortunately I cannot accept digital copies of books. Please be aware of this when inquiring to me about your book. Thank you.


Reviews are written based on my feelings towards the particular novel. I am always honest in my reviews. Just because I have been sent a book by a publisher or author, does not guarantee them a perfect rating. Sorry.

My reviews generally consist of 2-5 paragraphs explaining the ups and downs of that novel. I do sometimes veer off track and gush about really great books. It sometimes cannot be helped.


Books are my life. Thus, I am not a picky reader. However, there are a few genres that peak my interest the most. They are: Ya Romance, YA Paranormal, Ya Historical Fiction, Ya Supernatural, Ya Contemporary, Ya Science-Fiction, Ya Mystery, Ya Horror, Ya Dystopian, Ya Fantasy, Ya Chick-lit and any Graphic Novels.

I am also interested in adult novels (excluding erotica genres).

I will not consider: Autobiographies, Non-Fiction, Religious Titles, Poetry (some exceptions)


I am open to any tours, giveaways, or swag you, the author or publisher, would like to provide. I prefer international giveaways but if this is not possible I will still host a giveaway. I do ask that Canada be considered. I am Canadian and do not want to leave my fellow Canadians out of these giveaways. Thanks.

Review Posting:

My reviews are always posted at The Little Blue Pig and Goodreads. It is very important to me, the blogger, that I post my reviews as frequently as possible on both of these sites. I do on occasion consider sites such as: Amazon, Indigo and The Book Depository. Keep in mind I do not always post reviews here. You will be notified where my review will be published.

Other Info:

I read and review books on my own time. By accepting your offer I am no way obliged to finish, start, or review that book. There are times I cannot finish a book, so if this is the case, do not expect a review. Generally, books I read are reviewed; you can 90% of the time expect that. I also have the right to postpone the reveal of my review if, for whatever reason, I cannot upload that review. You will immediately be contacted and notified.

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