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Review: The Calling

Title: The Calling
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Pages: 325
Format: Hardback
Published: April 10th 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins

Wow, what a thrill ride this book was. If you thought The Gathering was intense or any of the Darkest Powers Trilogy, then your in for a real treat. The Calling was jammed pack with thrill and excitement. Readers will not be let down! And, you'll never want to turn your eyes away!

Kelley Armstrong is one of those authors who is good at what they do. Just like surgeons and doctors are good at say, performing surgery, Kelley is fan-freaking-tastic at performing and creating brilliant stories that never let you down. Kelley is one of my all time favourite authors, and will always be if she continues to produce work as good as these books.

To start, The Calling begins right where we left off. And I mean right where we left off. They're all on a helicopter, moving to safety. Or so they thought. Soon the helicopter crashes, and the six of them are left stranded on an island, dodging tranquilizers and fighting their way home.

Like the Darkest Powers Trilogy, this book was fast paced. The first book was a little slow, and didn't pick up until later on in the story when Maya discovers what she is, a skin-walker. In this one, everyone is beginning to find out what they are and what the people after them want. Much like the characters in the Darkest Powers Trilogy, they're running away and trying to find help, and ultimately, trying to stay alive! If you read the other series by Kelley and enjoyed the thrill and suspense from it, you'll surely enjoy this story too.

It was obvious when I read Kelley's other series that she was a brilliant writer, so of course this series has been written beautifully. However, not only is the plot exhilarating, but the characters are quite exceptional! Talk about a bad-ass proteganist that will totally chew your head off if she felt compelled to! Each character has their own distinct personality. Kelley shows this through her well-written dialogue. Corey is funny. Sam is kind of a bitch. Daniel is caring. And Maya, she's totally bad-ass and strong minded. Rafe, well, to my disappointment he wasn't in this one all that much.

I guess the big question really, is: What team am I on? Daniel or Rafe?

Hell, its Rafe but of course. Sure, Daniel is totally caring and sweet, but I just can't help but swoon over Rafe. It was disappointing to discover that he wasn't really in this one. Just a warning for all you Rafe fan girls.

So overall, Kelley will not disappoint. It's thrilling, fast paced, well written, and has memorable characters. Definitely one of my favourite this year. Now I've got to wait an agonizing one year to read the final installment. *Le sigh* But there is a grain of hope that us fans of The Darkest Powers Trilogy will once again be reunited with its memorable characters! Oh Kelley, please let this not be a tease. Please let it be a very real possibility!

My Rating:
5 fan-freaking-stars, but of course.


**Cover: Totally gorgeous. I love all the covers for both this series and the author. They're so pretty :)

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  1. 5 starts... I definitely need to read this book asap!But first I have to read the first in the trilogy.

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