Sunday, April 15, 2012

In my mailbox (#11)

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous week! Boy, this week went by so fast for me. I got so much reading done and I've been able to update my blog more often than last month. Anyways, it's again Sunday and so I have for you a little IMM. This is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren as always.

This week was an extremely slow week for me. Don't expect anything exciting in my mailbox from now until the end of May. I'm still buying a few books this month and next month, but I really want to work hard on getting through the books I already own. I have so many books I've got to get through, it's just insane.

So this week I picked up one, but worthy of showing, book that I am currently reading:

The Calling by Kelley Armstrong
Kelley Armstrong is such an amazing author, and I am adoring this series so far. If you haven't picked up the first book, The Gathering, I strongly suggest you do so. You're missing out!

So what's in your mailbox guys? Let me know down below or leave a link to your post and I'll come check it out!



  1. One book is good as it means you can actually catch up with other reading! This book looks awesome- I'll look out for your review!

    New follower :-)

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    1. Thanks for following! I've followed back :) I'll probably have a review up within the next few days, so very soon!

  2. There are some months that you just have to focus on what is already sitting on your shlef! But if you have to bring it just one book - you picked a good one! ;)

    Happy reading!!!

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  3. I always tell myself that I'm going to read what I already own but always end up buying some more books to add to the pile! Great book this week :)
    Happy Reading :)

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  4. I hope you enjoy catching up on all your reading, and one book is still good. (: There's some weeks I don't get any books. The Calling looks really good, I saw it at the book store this week, but it's part of a series right?

    My IMM

  5. I know the feeling about too many books. Here is my post: IMM

  6. Great week! I want to read Kelley Armstrong's books. I've heard great things.
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  7. I really wan to start reading her books! They all look so good! Enjoy your books!

    Here is my IMM

    Happy reading!

    Megan (new follower!)

  8. Kelley Armstrong is an Author Goddess! :D

    Patricia // My IMM

  9. Anonymous21.4.12

    Kelley Armstrong is a clear standout in the massive sea of YA authors out there. I really hope this books lives up to the epic standards she's set for herself. happy reading and sorry for the late comment.

    Rebecca @ Vicariously!


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