Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Black Heart

Title: Black Heart
Author: Holly Black
Pages: 296
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: April 3rd 2012
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderrly

White Cat and Red Glove kept me on my toes and wanting more of the curse worker world. So of course the day the third and final installment of the series comes out, I'm at the book store, pronto.

Black Heart will not disappoint its readers!

This last book starts off where we left off in Red Glove. Cassel potentially working for the Feds, and of course, still helplessly falling head over heels for Lila. But now, everything is a complete mess, he doesn't know who to trust, and his love for Lila is driving him insane!

Cassel is one of those male protagonists you just can't get enough of. He's funny, witty, and acts like a BOY! Books in the perspective of males are so refreshing and neat because you never really know whats going down in those minds of boys. But Cassel, Cassel is an interesting fellow with an interesting gift. He can transform any object- or person-  with the touch of his flesh. I absolutely love these curse worker's concepts Black has created. It's so unique and interesting, especially all the tidbits of info you get about con artists and how to distinguish a liar. Yup, you learn all that in this series.

Beyond that though, even though the curse worker stuff is so original and fascinating, the characters truly make the story. Barron, Cassel's older brother, is completely awesome! He's so stupid and such a big goof. And Sam, Cassel's best friend, he's the bestest friend a guy could ask for. And did I mention he has a car that smells like french fries whenever he starts it up? Yeah, Sam is totally incredible! Lila on the other hand isn't a character you really get to learn about. She kind of stays in the shadows in this book, like the others, you just really don't see her a lot. I wish we did though because, well, she is Cassel's love interest! Now enough about the good guys, the bad guys in this book are the perfect mob-but-not-really-a-mob type characters. There no Mafia, but their definitely freaking awesome! Who knew bad guys could be so cool?

I think I've gushed enough about the characters, so I'll move on; get more technical. The whole world building of these series is seriously close to brilliance, if not standing right on top of it. Who would have that of a society where people wear gloves because you never know if you'll lose your memory or just drop dead? It's so fascinating, as I've said before, and just awing. It blows my mind away that someone, just a regular person, can have the imagination to think of such things.

Also, like the first two, there is a lot of surprises that peep up here and there. Especially that ending. I think you'll be happy to hear it was a satisfying and well constructed ending. Cassel's life could go on and on. The Feds and bad guys will probably always go after him, so Holly Black had to end it somewhere. Well, she ended the series at a perfect spot. Issues are resolved, and well, it was a happy ending. Who doesn't love those?

So over all, if you loved the first two, you'll love this one. There isn't really much to say because I think your feelings towards this book really determines whether or not you enjoyed the first two. Personally, I loved them. Great characters, great setting and concepts, makes for a great story.

My rating:
5 Cassel stars ;)

P.S. Cassel is totally dreamy!

Cover: I never really talk about covers, but I feel like I really should in this case. Ugh! Did they have to change the covers? Now they look miss-matched on my shelf. The other covers made sense, but this one doesn't quite make sense to me. Ah well, it is still pretty :)

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