Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Of Triton

                                                   Title: Of Triton (Of Poseidon #2)
                                                   Author: Anna Banks
                                                   Pages: 246
                                                   Publication Date: May 28th 2013
                                                   Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
First off I love everything about this series. Secondly, can I have a Galen all to myself? Pretty please?

After reading Of Poseidon I knew I had to pick up Of Triton as soon as possible. I'm so happy I did because this book was perfect. The characters were perfect. The layout was perfect. The writing was perfect. Galen was perfect. The story was perfect. The ending was perfect (although sad). And of course Galen was perfect!

I originally fell so in love with Of Poseidon because of the authors take on mermaids. I love mermaids (hello, aquamarine anyone?). Also, the characters are just so likeable. Emma was so strong and independent in the first one and continues to be that strong character in this one. She isn't one of those bad asses who are annoying. I hate bad asses or people full of themselves. Emma is most definitely not annoying. Her character is so likeable and she actually makes smart decisions. And Galen is like the perfect boy YA character ever! He's sweet, caring, hot, and a freaking mermaid! Well Syrena, but whatever. His love for Emma grows even more in Of Triton! Not only that but the love he has for his family is also very touching. Gosh, I love everything about his character. His sister Rayna is also quite the character. She's funny in a weird way and I like how she handles situations by blurting out her mind. Good for her.

Although this story wouldn't have been so great if it weren't for the characters, we have to give credit where it's due. I love how Anna Banks wrote the book. It's so refreshing switching from Emma's point of view and then a Narrative point of view that usually focused on Galen and/or the Syrena. I loved both POV's and looked forward to each one. It really let you relate to Emma while also letting you get to know the Syrena way of life. This worked out perfectly for this book.

I honestly can't say anything bad about this book because for me there isn't! This was fantastic and if you loved the first one you'll love this one!

I will say you will be SHOCKED by a part in the ending! Really? Almost cried! But the very ending makes up for this part, so all is good :)

Can't wait for Of Neptune, the third and final installment. I wonder what it's going to be about considering this one left off pretty good. I would have been satisfied but hey, I'm not complaining. This just means more Galen ;)

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