Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: Snowed In

Title: Snowed In
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Pages: 261
Published: December 1st 2011
Publisher: Harper Teen

Ah, s'more cheese. If you haven't read my review on "Icing on the Lake," I encourage you to read it if you want my cheesy logical stuff to make sense.

During the months of November and December, I have pledged to read 7 holiday themed books. Well, I have 2 down and 5 more to go. Woot! Woot!

Ashleigh has just moved to an island that is full of snow. Since living in Texas all her life never really introduced her to much cold, the island is especially cold for her. She gets to know a few girls around town, the first being Nathalie, pronounced, Nat-Halie. Just thought I'd warn you. Her mom seemed to have taken it personally if you didn't pronounce it properly. Well, forget about the name for a second. Picture a lumberjack. No, not the big, creepy, old looking kind with a chainsaw. Picture a hot, young lumberjack, defined muscles, sexy smile. Have him pictured? Good, cause you've just pictured Josh, Nathalie's boyfriend. Her boyfriend. Oh, yes, her boyfriend. But wait, Ashleigh likes him too, and, even though she wont admit it, she has some hard core feelings for him. Despite her no boyfriend plan, I think she can make an exception. Wouldn't you agree?

First off, this is a cheesy story, like "Icing on the Lake," this followed the same format I had written in that review. It's cheesy. It's a cheesy teen love story that is fun to read and get lost in. You smile, cry, get angry, blush, and any other teenager emotion you can think of, you'll have it during these books. Well, at least I did.

The characters in these books never bother me, which includes Ashleigh. I admired her, actually. She was independent. Strong minded. Although, at times I felt like throwing a snow ball at her head. How could she not see what you'll find out in the book? How?

Anyways, the writing is teenager-ous. Not the typical tone you read in books like the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Darkest Powers, Twilight. These books were obviously written for fun and to be read for fun. I'd hate for someone to read this a be let down. This is a short cheesy book for when you just want something short and sweet. It's cheesy, okay! Cheesy! I feel like I really have to get this cheesy point across because some reviews just don't make sense. It's not a serious novel. If you don't like cheesy teen romance, than don't read or review this book. This isn't the case if you like books with a more mature tone to it. Stop being all serious in your reviews when this book is not serious. It's oozing, goozing with cheese! Yum!

This was a great holiday read. It actually had me wishing it were snowing here in Canada. It's so cold yet we haven't gotten snow yet. Seems pointless to have cold and not snow. Hurry up snow!

Snow, sleigh rides, snow balls, and hot chocolate,



  1. You're on a roll Angela, kudos! :-)) "Snow, sleigh rides, snow balls, and hot chocolate" -> sounds great! :-D

  2. Thank you! I'm really going to try hard and reach my goal of 7 books!

  3. I thought there was only one kind of lumberjack ? Anyway you picture it , it's still going to be a hard working hunk of muscle :) I just might read this book full of cheese ;). In the Christmas List , James Kiel stays in a bed and breakfast called 'Snowed Inn' .

    I thought I left a comment on this one already . Am I losing my mind?

  4. Indeed, a hard working hunk of muscle ^.^ And yes, indeed you should read this. It's, like i've said a gazillion times, a cheesy teen romance. It was a fun read.

    Nah, sometimes I think I've left comments but never have. I think I think about leaving a comment but then get side tracked by something else. So then I just think I did leave the comment, but really I didn't.

    Thanks for the comment! ^.^


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