Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Giveaway Hop Update

Hello my little piggies, this is just a reminder that the Holiday Giveaway Hop is quickly approaching. Don't forget to check back on December 2nd so you can leave a comment and possibly win! I'd like a good turn out, so please tell everyone you know! There's a big selection of books on the book depository that are ten dollars or less, so you can't go wrong with the prize.  If there is a good turn out I might just up the price to fifteen because I know hard covered books are a little more than ten. So keep checking back for updates.

Also, thanks to my followers that have followed so far. I try to get my blog noticed in the blogging world, but it's hard! But I try ^.^

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Here is the link for my giveaway post: Booklover's Holiday Giveaway Hop

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