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Review: The Hollow

Title: The Hollow
Author: Jessica Verday
Pages: 513
Published: September 1st 2009
Publisher: Simon Pulse

I guess I'll begin by saying this was an interesting read. The story starts off with Abbey attending her dead friends funeral. Right off the bat I felt drawn to Abby, feeling sorry and helpless as a reader. Losing a loved one is devastating and you could feel Abby's emotions through the authors writing. I personally know how hard it is to lose someone. My dad past away 10 years ago, this month. Of course, for me I was six and my Birthday was a week away, so I didn't fully understand everything, but I could still feel for Abby. I think this is the main reason why I felt so connected with Abby. We shared something. I could really relate.

The story as a whole was kind of, slow. Does this mean I hated it? Actually I loved the slowness of this book. I felt so connected to Abby because of this. The author's writing made me feel so part of the book, as if I was right there with Abby, or even Abby myself, which was nice when she kissed Caspian.

I am so going to regret admitting this, but I'm going to anyways. Two things I will admit: 1) I made snicker doodle cookies just because Abby made them. Yeah, I made them today, and they were awesome, by the way. 2) I read the first half of this one day and that night I couldn't fall asleep. I was so chilled and spooked by the Sleepy Hollow Legend. I've actually decided to purchase the book, just so I can read the actual story. Because of Verday, I'm rather intrigued by the legend, and I'd actual love to visit Sleepy Hollow.

Continuing on, Abby than meets Caspian, a mysterious and peculiar boy. Warning bells were signaling in my head, telling me, "Something isn't quite right about this one." Because of this I actually didn't fall head over heels for him, like I tend to do. I liked him though, however, he pissed me off. There wasn't much going on with him. He was either too busy or in a hurry. Yeah, he hurt my feelings too, Abby.

The overall story for this was interesting and creepy. Like I've said, the Legend has now intrigued me. Although, not much really happened throughout the book until the end. Basically, through about 98% of the book we are just living each day (almost) in Abby's world. This was great, I actually loved this. It wasn't until the end did we get answers. Like who was Katy and Nikolas really. Even Caspian. Who is he, really? This does sort of bug me, which docs .5 for my rating on this book. A little more action and a little more answers throughout the book would have been less frustrating. That said, I still have unanswered questions. I also feel she leaves us hanging, especially regarding characters. What's with this Ben business? He's either there or not. Frustrating! Sometimes characters would know something that Abby never mentioned. Hm, are all the characters mind-reading now? Just something I picked up on. Nothing too bothersome, but noticable, to me.

So would I recommend this? Definetely! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was happy to discover the legend of Sleepy Hollow. I've herd of the horseman, but never the Legend. I think it deserves a read, and if you don't like it, than that's okay.

I'm going to end this review here because I'm going to actually start the second book. I kind of want to know what this whole Abby and Caspian and horseman deal are going to turn into. I shall have to read and find out! Ah, so exciting.

P.S Before I complete this with a rating, I want to add that I really loved Abby's character. I know I stated this up top, but I truly did love her. She made her own perfume! How cool is that? Yeah, I think I might attempt my own perfume one day.

My ghostly rating: 4.5 curly pig tails

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