Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: Die for me

Title: Die for Me
Author: Amy Plum
Pages: 341
Format: Print/Hard covered
Published: May 10th 2011
Publisher: Harper Teen

I can't even begin to describe how much I loved this book!

Well, for this review purpose, I will try my vary best to sum up my chaotic thoughts on this book. When I say chaotic I don't mean bad I mean absolutely good!

This magnificent Paris story begins in Paris, of course. Kate and her sister, Georgian, have lost their parents in a car accident and now live with their grandparents. How exciting, right? Not according to Kate, until she meets Vincent, the oh-so-handsom young man. Then she learns of his secrets and the secrets of his 'family'. Their all revenants, meaning undead.

To prevent any spoiler spillage I am keeping this synopsis as short and sweet as understandably possible. I'm afraid of telling you guys something that was so fun to discover on your own.

Where do I even begin? This concept and plot and creativeness and characters and all the nooks and cranies of this book was so original and refreshing, I stayed up late last night reading this, despite my head cold (which was demanding me of sleep). We have books on vampires and wolves, fairies and witches, ghosts and demons, but what about revenants? I've always known what a revenant was, hearing the term in Supernatural, but I never imagined someone using it in a book, and none other a book containg teen romance.

For those who do not know what a revenant is, to speak generally they can be described as zombie-like. The revenant's in this book don't have rotting flesh and don't eat humans. These reveants are gorgeous, funny, mysterious, and dare I say it here, bad-ass! I'm not going to go into too much detail of how the author constructed this revenant creation, but know this, they are good. Period. Just remember that.

Kate is the girl we are always in. Er, I mean we're always in her mind (that sounds better). So, the point of view is in dear Kate's perspective. She isn't annoying or naive. She's strong-minded but not tough like some girls are, making a reader annoyed. Her love for Vincent wasn't immidiate which I greatly appreciated. It was gradual and nice, actually. It was realistic. I like realistic.

Vincent was what all us teen girls love in a good paranormal romance book. He's sexy, hot, protective, but also he has emotion, feelings. I hate the cardboard-thin boys in YA books that don't show emotions or pretend to hate the girl because he likes her. Vincent is the complet opposite. Amen. He didn't shy away from Kate, he laid down the truth (with a little force from Kate) and let her decide. Oh, Vincent, how I heart you.

The other characters were just priceless. Jules was awesome and I totally wish I could have been in this book, experiencing everything, just so I can hear the jokes personally, up close. This book was funny at times, and I found myself laughing out loud late last night. All the revenants in this family had a great sense of humor and were just awesome. Simple as that.

Read this! I'm telling you! Although I've read 3 other books this week, this one was the best. I needed this book to cheer me up. I've been sick with a head cold, making me sad and lonely. Ah, thank you books!

My rating:
5 curly pig tails

Flesh eating Zombies (hehehe),


Side Note: This is nothing like Twilight. I don't see where people get this crazy idea, but it is clear as a sunny day that this is nothing like Twilight. Just because the author was inspired to write this after reading Twilight, does not, I repeat, does not mean it is like it. Vincent is much hotter and doesn't sparkle. Kate isn't annoying but strong-minded. Seriously, this is nothing like Twilight. Zelch. Zero. No similarities.

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