Thursday, May 31, 2012

Notice anything different?

Hey piggers! How's it going?

I've finally started getting some reading time, which is so exciting because I have a ton of books I can't wait to dive into. But this post isn't about reading, as much fun as reading is. Today I'm here to tell you guys about The Little Blue Pig's blog MAKEOVER and to tell you guys which awesome blogger designed it for me.

The Little Blue Pig has always had bland designs. When I first started blogging I figured I could create my own blog header and go from there. After all, how hard could it be? Little did I know it is actually really hard, especially when you have no knowledge on web design. So after that fail attempt at creating my own blog design, because well, the ones blogger offers are kind of... dull, I set out to find someone to do it for me. At first I only found a handful of bloggers who also did blog designs, but some of the prices got pretty pricey in some cases. In the end I decided to settle on a premade design that one blogger had for free. It was great and all, but it just didn't scream "The Little Blue Pig." This is where the blogger who created my blog design comes in...

I'm sure all if not most of you guys know her, she's the fabulous writer behind LC's Adventures in Libraryland, Lea! I've been following her blog since before I started writing my own blog and always loved her blog design, especially when she totally did a blog makeover. When she started doing blog designs for other people, I figured it was about time to have my blog design done as well.

Her prices are so reasonable, and she is so professional and fun to work with. I truly recommend getting a blog design done by Lea if you're looking to get one done. The designs she does are just amazing and personal. Each blog design she creates fits your blog perfectly. I absolutely LOVE mine and hope you do to.

If you'd like to check out her blog design site click HERE
If you'd like to check out her book blog click HERE

LCs Adventures

She created the fabulous header showcased up top, the post signature down below, and the rating system and blog button to the right.

If you'd like, add my blog buttom to your blog and I'll add yours back :)

I hope you love The Little Blue Pig's new blog design and will consider Lea to create your blogs new look.

Until next time,


  1. Anonymous31.5.12

    Your new makeover is awesome! Congrats!

  2. Beautiful! I love the fabric like background and the banner above is adorable! :)

  3. Anonymous1.6.12

    Hi Angela, new follower here, love your new blog design :D Conrats.

  4. I love it so much. Congratulations!

  5. Such a pretty header - I LOVE the blue pig, it's so CUTE! I recently got a blog makeover too so I can understand how excited you probably are - I was squealing with sheer delight when mine was installed!

  6. I just love your new design. Everytime I click on it and see the pig, I smile and smirk a little, it is so cute! I can't wait for Lea to expand her designs on my site. I've added your button and following you through GFC.

  7. Hi! New follower here :D I was looking at Lea's blog and found your blog and your amazing makeover... and I had to come and see it :]
    It's very cute and sweet, I love it so much!

    And than I read you are pregnant which is AMAZING news so congrats for that :3

    Lot's of love and hugs,
    Alaiel @ Librarian Mouse


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