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Review: The Haunted

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Title: The Haunted
Author: Jessica Verday
Pages: 467
Format: Print/ Hard covered
Published: August 31st 2012
Publisher: Simon Pulse

"Popping the bag open, he held it out to me, 'Want one? Come on, try 'em.'
      'Funyuns make you fart,' Caspian said, and I exploded in laughter."

Caspian is the most amazing, romantic, heartbreaking, handsome, hot, and funny fictional character I know. I love him!

Here's a picture of funyuns if you don't know what they are. I sure didn't until I googled them. Ah, you gotta love google.

I loved this book! I fell in love with Caspian in this one. Like I said in my review for The Hollow, Caspian didn't steal my heart like fictional hotties tend to. He swooned me you guys, absolutely "twisted" my arm into falling for him.

Well, my affection for fictional beings is besides the point for this review, so I am just going to move on...

The Haunted starts where The Hollow left off, Abbey living with her aunt for a few months. After living with her aunt, and after many sessions with her therapist, Abbey comes back to Sleepy Hollow sooner than when she hoped to have returned. Upon returning, Abbey runs into Caspian, but of course. After wanting, and trying desperately to forget him, she can't help but fall for him. Yes, their in love and it is so cute. Mind you, cute things never last long. Caspian and Abbey learn how difficult and life-threatening their relationship can be. Well, we learn of some secretes, we're introduced to new characters, we learn of a specific type of people, we learn more about Caspian and his relationship with Abbey, and we learn that upon completing this one, you need to desperately continue on. Unfortunately I cannot hit the book store right now (curse you homework), but I am gladly picking up the next and final instalment while picking up Clockwork Prince. Tuesday, hurry up and be here will you!

The first book was slow with a fast paced and thrilling ending. This book is no exception. To be vaguely honest, this book is exactly like the first. Slow throughout the book, and than the last hundred pages were exhilarating. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. My questions were being answered, there were new discoveries, and Caspian and Abbey got pretty steamy. Gah, I never knew 100 pages could fly by so fast. Though, just because it was slow does not mean it wasn't enjoyable. A slow ride is fun. It's fun being inside of Abbey's head, almost following her around. It's nice when you want to just relax and enjoy the book. A book with so much going on can be breath taking. That's good sometimes, but other times you want to actual be able to breath!

Some people say the plot wasn't well developed. I don't agree with you people. I feel like the author leaves some gaps in her plot so she can tie in everything for her last book. A little mystery never killed anyone... And no, the cat died from curiosity, not mystery :)

Wow, I just realized how unprofessional this review sounds. That's okay, cause my reviews aren't meant to be professional. Gotta have a little corky reviews sometimes, right? I do hope you still enjoy this review, despite my corkyness.

My rating: 5 funyuns!

Funyuns, farts, corkyness,


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  1. Wow 100 followers? already? that is fantastic and congratulations! Honestly it's taken me 3 years to get 80 :(

    The book sounds like fun . and yes I like slow rides as long as it's fun . Abby , it seems is a popular girl lol . I mean that name is a goth chick in the book I'm reading . Some people like her and I admit she is pretty eclectic with a magnetic personality and it's hard not to like her.


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