Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: Carrier of the Mark review

Title: The Carrier of the Mark
Author: Leigh Fallon
Pages: 342
Format: Book (Paperback)
Release Date: October 4th 2011

Let us begin by saying, I am not a mean person. I don't generally write bad reviews.

I was incredibly excited for the release of this book. Having been an inkpop member for quite some time, news of this books release was always popping up around the site. It was made to seem like a really "out there" story.

Leigh Fallon sounds like a really nice person, and I'm sure she is. I congratulate her on such GREAT success, though, I have to ask, why this book? Out of all the amazing stories on inkpop, why this?

Isn't inkpop a place for thriving teens, not thriving adults. Seems a little unfair when the sole purpose of the site is for teens to "get out there." Of course, this isn't Fallon's fault so we mustn't blame her.

Anways, this entire book was so... so... unbelievable. I was tempted to just abandon it completly, but it was a gift from my mom, so I couldn't just not read it, for her sake. The main characte was too unbelievable. Ok, no one goes to a new school and fits in right away. It's not that easy. This was way too easy to be realistic. Secondly, Fallon didn't elaborate in all the right places. This was WAY too fast paced. When she was captured, not longer after, about a page, was she rescued. Where's the suspense? She needed to dwell and she didn't. Thus, I felt this was increibly amature.

I think if MORE time was spent on this, it could potentialy be really good- I'm stretching of course because for me, anyways, it needs a lot of work. The characters are helplessly flat and unrealistic. I hate a book where two people automatically fall in love. It's stupid! Unrealistic, even for a story like this. Sure their elements "are" bringing them together, but come on, really?

My intention was not to completly bash this book as it had an original plot, I'll give it that. I loved the setting and aspect and such, just the writing and characters ruined the book for me. Characters and dialouge are extremly important in a book which this one lacked. You can have an original plot, a beautiful setting, magical powers, but if you aren't going to dwell and create realistic characters, well, you got a crapy book that isn't very interesting. Sorry.

Rating: 2 curly pig tails


  1. I agree with you completely, i honestly couldn't finish the book (it is now abandoned on my shelf) ill try to finish it but aftet the insta-love she had with adam without so much as ONE conversation together, i couldn't stand it. Yes the idea behind it is amazing, but still, somehow they're in love, and like you said, there isn't much dialogue between the two! makes readers see how unrealistic it is.. I'll try to finish reading it but my, your review is spot on with that im feeling about this book.

    - juhina

  2. I really loved the concept and everything. It was actually really good and creative. The instant love between the two just really bugged me and turned me off from the book. Otherwise it was good. I hoope my review on this book didn't sound too harsh or mean. It is just my opinion.


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